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  Year : 2010 | Vol. 2 | Issue 1 : Page : 24-26
Accidental Lodgement Of Air Gun Pallet In The Buccal Space Of 11 Year Old Girl A Case Report

Divye Malhotra 1 , Navneet Sharma 2

Address For Correspondence
Dr. Divye Malhotra
Senior Lecturer Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 2Senior Lecturer Department of Oral

Air gun, although considered a toy can cause injuries ranging from trivial to grievous. The severity of injuries depend on the type of air gun used, distance at which it is fired and the anatomic site at which the pallet hits. This article describes a case involving a girl who was accidentally hit by an air gun pallet. The treatment strategy along with review of literature on short and long term complications of air gun injuries is discussed.

Air gun pellet, buccal space

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